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Fujitsu MHW2040BH (40GB)[edit | edit source]

Full list of Features[edit | edit source]

Data Storage Capacity
Per drive, Formatted 40 GB
Number of Platters 1
Number of Heads 1
Bytes /Sector 512
Rotational Speed (rpm) 5400
Average Seek Time (msec)
Track-to-track 1.5
Average Latency time 5.56ms (typ.)
Average seek time (read) 12ms (typ.)
Average seek time (write) 14ms (typ.)
Maximum 22
Type SATA 2.0
Buffer (MB) 8
Data Transfer Rate Max. 1.5 Gb/sec
Nominal Power Requirements
Voltage (C); Supply +5V (5%)
Idle (Watts) 0.6
Standby (Watts) 0.13
Reads (Watts) 1.9
Writes (Watts) 1.9
Start-up (A) 1.0
Physical & Environmental Specifications (mm)
Height 9.5
Width 70
Depth 100
Weight 101 gram
Ambient Temperature (°C)
Operating 5°C~55°C
Non-Operating ~40°C~65°C
Vibration and Shock
Operating Vibration 1.0 G (9.8 m/s^2) with 5-500Hz
Non-Operating Vibration 5.0 G (49 m/s^2) with 5-500Hz
Operating Shock 300 G (2940 m/s^2) 2 msec
Non-Operating Shock 900 G (8820 m/s^2) 1 msec
Acoustic Noise (Idle Mode) 2.0 Bels