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Common terms used in this page[edit | edit source]

  • <userid> The number assigned by the system to this user when their account was created (is a counter). Stored in XRegistry.sys, e.g: 00000001
  • <SAVEDATA_DIRECTORY> Name of the folder where the savedata files are stored, composed by TITLE_ID + some variable characters added by the game, e.g: BLES00001-nick01save01
  • <TITLE_ID> Name of the folder where the game was installed (different than the TITLE_ID in their PARAM.SFO that refers to the original ID when the game was released years ago as a disc)
  • <virtual_memcard> The name assigned to the card when it was created from the "Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)" in XMB
  • Any_Other_Files Represents all the other files in the folder generated by the game with any filename and filextensions that are dependant of each game and can vary, e.g: "PROFILE.BIN"(in PS3 Game Saves) or "SECURE.BIN" (in Minis Game Saves) etc...
  • <MC_Save_ID> Identifyer of each Game Save of a PS1 or PS2 Memory Card. Used as the file name when a single Game Save is exported to USB, e.g: BESLES-53702535953.PSV
  • MC_Slot Inside a PS1 or PS2 Memory card, real or virtual, every one of the savedata items represented with an icon, A single savedata can use one or several slots in PS1, and always only one slot in PS2
  • PARAM.SFO Information about the Game Save. This one is never encrypted.
  • PARAM.PFD Signatures of some of the other files in the folder.

Game Saves PSP[edit | edit source]

Saved Data Utility (Minis PSP).jpg
Storage Media Path Import/Export file conversions
Internal HDD dev_hdd0/home/<userid>/minis_savedata/<SAVEDATA_DIRECTORY>/ICON0.PNG No conversion
dev_hdd0/home/<userid>/minis_savedata/<SAVEDATA_DIRECTORY>/PARAM.SFO values updated when imported ? (not verified)
dev_hdd0/home/<userid>/minis_savedata/<SAVEDATA_DIRECTORY>/Any_Other_Files No conversion
External USB & PSP & PSvita? dev_usb0/PSP/SAVEDATA/<SAVEDATA_DIRECTORY>/ICON0.PNG No conversion
dev_usb0/PSP/SAVEDATA/<SAVEDATA_DIRECTORY>/PARAM.SFO values updated when exported ? (not verified)
dev_usb0/PSP/SAVEDATA/<SAVEDATA_DIRECTORY>/Any_Other_Files No conversion

This format is inherited from PSP (is older than PS3), and later implemented in PSvita, the "Minis Saved Games" can be exported/imported between the 3 consoles. There is no conversion of the files between the 3 consoles.

PSP remaster & PSP save for apps&game can also be exported/imported following the same path.

Game Saves PSP Remaster[edit | edit source]

  • PSP remaster games:

Monster Hunter 3rd HD ver. (BLJM-85001)

K-On!Houkago Live!! HD ver. (BLJM-85002)

Sangoku Musou Multi Raid 2 HD Version (BLJM-85003)

  • Speculation:

PSP saves featured on FW 3.60, PSP remaster saves on FW 3.70 (with also Adhoc)

Gamesave function PSP<--->PS3 (SAVEDATA_USE_PS3_SAVE on psp emulator command)

  • Notes about native support

Cobra dongle writes/reads PSP game saves from path dev_hdd0/home/<userid>/minis_savedata/<SAVEDATA_DIRECTORY>.

Other: Game Saves PSP emulator[edit | edit source]