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Overview[edit | edit source]

Qt Resource Container (QRC) located in path: dev_flash/vsh/resource/qgl/

Contents Feature
(added, removed or changed)
2.50~2.53 195.383 5E7AF90288C53BEBF729FF8182471C7F 3 16 No 6 8 The PlayStation Network Sign-Up and Account Management utilities have been redesigned. ?
2.60 291.798 0E2298E39927AE2C632B7544E99262FD 5 41 1 20 13
2.70~2.80 291.369 301B589E1D330FC6148A9C50F1763A39
3.00~3.21 291.386 B105F15C8C7A4337F80C3AA52469581C
3.30 291.393 20E92F5465AD6FC2AADF7D04BDBA668F
3.40~3.42 291.254 929D93182B08E41ED01AC45E59513DEC Bug ?
3.50~3.56 291.393 20E92F5465AD6FC2AADF7D04BDBA668F Back to 3.30 version
3.60~3.74 291.241 63D551B86EC752837E9824A2E4E4FECF
4.00~4.01 291.317 F7322AEC80109A0B79F2691B0049E561
4.10~4.26 291.210 F89887A9CEF9B8ED942DF6D8C5AC313D
4.30~4.31 291.238 BD559BD848D4116EF073B49FF0C2DF4F
4.40~4.89 291.224 5E551FE46DCA11258A29031128E8D998 5 41 1 20 13

File Groups[edit | edit source]

Groups of files that are listed together in wiki for covenience and documenting purposes, because shares the same format, are part of the same animation, or are used by the same firmware function.

Debug files[edit | edit source]

  • DEVGUI libraries (unknown use)
    • lib/devgui/DebugGui.vpo
    • lib/devgui/DebugGui.fpo

File list[edit | edit source]

(firmware 4.40~4.82)

store.qrc contents
Path/File Type Notes
datacom/ .dds .dds
bg_specular_map.gtf .gtf .dds .dds .dds
panels.mnu .mnu Base settings, overrided by the other file with the same name under "panels_sd" path
store.mnu .mnu Base settings, overrided by the other files with the same name under "presetX" path
panels_sd/ panels.mnu .mnu
preset0/ store.mnu .mnu
preset1/ store.mnu .mnu
preset2/ store.mnu .mnu
preset3/ store.mnu .mnu
preset4/ store.mnu .mnu
preset5/ store.mnu .mnu
preset6/ store.mnu .mnu
preset7/ store.mnu .mnu
preset8/ store.mnu .mnu
preset9/ store.mnu .mnu
preset10/ store.mnu .mnu
preset11/ store.mnu .mnu
preset12/ store.mnu .mnu
preset13/ store.mnu .mnu
preset14/ store.mnu .mnu
preset15/ store.mnu .mnu
preset16/ store.mnu .mnu
lib/ devgui/ DebugGui.fpo .fpo
DebugGui.vpo .vpo
glutils/ ConeFilter.fpo .fpo
ConeFilter.vpo .vpo
ConeFilterSimple.fpo .fpo
CookieCutter.fpo .fpo
CookieCutter.vpo .vpo
msaa.fpo .fpo
msaa_copy.fpo .fpo
ScreenCopy.fpo .fpo
store/ _gen_panel3d.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_distort.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_distort_middle.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_edge_aa.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_edge_aa_distort.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_edge_aa_distort_middle.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_edge_aa_middle.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_edge_aa_textured.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_edge_aa_textured_distort.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_edge_aa_textured_distort_middle.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_edge_aa_textured_middle.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_textured.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_textured_distort.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_textured_distort_middle.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_textured_middle.fpo .fpo
_gen_panel3d_middle.fpo .fpo
aa_edge.fpo .fpo
aa_edge.vpo .vpo
blur.fpo .fpo
blur_mask.fpo .fpo
capsule_glow.fpo .fpo
capsule_glow_corner.vpo .vpo
capsule_glow_middle.vpo .vpo
capsule_glow_side.vpo .vpo
copy.fpo .fpo
copy3d.fpo .fpo
default_aaa1.fpo .fpo
panel.vpo .vpo
panel_glow.fpo .fpo
panel_glow_area.fpo .fpo
panel2d.fpo .fpo
panel2d_simple.fpo .fpo
panel3d.vpo .vpo
panel3d_aa.fpo .fpo
panel3d_aa.vpo .vpo
test.fpo .fpo
test.vpo .vpo
thumbnail.fpo .fpo
white_background.fpo .fpo
white_background.vpo .vpo
white_background_high.fpo .fpo
white_background_low.fpo .fpo
work.fpo .fpo
work.vpo .vpo