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REX-001[edit | edit source]

Has a 40-pin connector for the laser flat flex cable, just like RTX-001 and PPX-001.

Unlike the previous Super Slim motherboards, REX-001 (as well as RTX-001) require heatsinking for Cell's VRM MOSFETs. For this purpose, the metal shields are shaped differently and thermal pads are applied on both, top and bottom, of the PCB at the mosfets. This is needed because these boards use less PCB layers and thus don't have a large enough copper plane in the PCB to sink the heat into.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Models CECH-43xxA / CECH-43xxB / CECH-43xxC
Part no. / revisions 1-893-507-11 / -31
Backwards Compatibility PS1 Only. No PS2
Flash Storage
Cell/RSX 45nm/28nm
Watts/Max 80/210

Pictures[edit | edit source]