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  • Mask ROM : Mask ROM (MROM) is a type of read-only memory (ROM) whose contents are programmed by the integrated circuit manufacturer
  • memory : devices that are used to store data or programs (sequences of instructions) on a temporary or permanent basis for use in an electronic digital computer
  • Microcode : Microcode is a layer of hardware-level instructions or data structures involved in the implementation of higher level machine code instructions in many computers and other processors; it resides in special high-speed memory and translates machine instructions into sequences of detailed circuit-level operations.
  • MMIO : Memory-mapped I/O
  • monitor : an electronic visual display for computers. The monitor comprises the display device, circuitry, and an enclosure
  • motherboard : the central printed circuit board (PCB) in many modern computers and holds many of the crucial components of the system, while providing connectors for other peripherals
  • mouse : a pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface