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Content Information Files[edit | edit source]


Content Information Files[edit | edit source]

are multimedia files used to display and interact with the content.

See also PS3 Content Information Files.

File name Requirement Multiregional Format Description Notes
changeinfo.xml Yes (with patches) Yes UTF-8 xml text Changelog information
  • Language specific files : changeinfo_xx.xml
icon0.png Yes Yes 512x512 noninterlaced 24bit PNG Still Image icon
icon0.png Yes No 228x128 noninterlaced 24bit PNG Save Data icon maximum 116736 bytes filesize
param.sfo Yes Yes System File Object Title Parameters Title name and Save data title are Required, Save data sub-title and Save data details are Optional
pic0.png Opt No 1920x1080 noninterlaced 24bit PNG Background Image -
pic1.png Yes No 1920x1080 noninterlaced 24bit PNG Startup Image -
pronunciation.sig Yes No Voice Recognition Authentication
pronunciation.xml Yes Yes UTF-8 xml text Voice Recognition Data Used by Voice Recognition for starting an installed title
snd0.at9 Opt No ATRAC9 46kHz, 1 or 2 channel Background Music maximum 2MB filesize, simular to PS Vita

Note: Trophy packs (and their content) + PlayGo files are not Content Information Files and are thus described in their own wiki subsection.