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NP Title ID[edit | edit source]

NP Title ID (format: XXXXYYYYY_00)

A PS4 example is CUSA00002_00 (Killzone: Shadow Fall).
Media Player Application is CUSA02012_00

Game Titles released both on Disc and in the PlayStation Store shares the same NP Title ID (European PSN-Versions from Killzone: Shadow Fall = "EP9000-CUSA00002_00-KZ4RELEASE000041" and FIFA 14 = "EP0006-CUSA00128_00-FIFAFOOTBALL2014") and as such, their derivate Productcode on the spine and disc is the same also (except for the Japanese market).

Every Region uses the same "CUSAXXXXX_00" format, but the "XXXXX" contains a different 5-digit-code for every Region. Exception: The PSN Title "The Playroom", which is pre-installed on every Console, shares the same NP Title ID for every Region.

  • JP = IP9100-CUSA00001_00-PLAYROOM00000000