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Location[edit | edit source]

There is a mountpoint for the current application save data, usually "savedata0" but can be up to "savedata15".

Save Data are stored encrypted inside /user/home/user Id/title Id/savedata0/sce_sys/.

External[edit | edit source]

Save data can be copied from PS4 to a USB mass storage device.

Files are exported to USB:\PS4\SAVEDATA\user Id\title Id\.

File Format if dumped to usb will look like this: savedata_10000000_CUSA09175_DaysGone0002

Files[edit | edit source]

Every savedata contains 4 files:

Files (/user/home/user Id/title Id/)[edit | edit source]

When dumping files using FTP you might see your files similar to this structure:

   ├── Title ID                                
   │   ├── SAVEDATA00.bin                       /*This File Holds the pfsSKKey*/
   │   ├── sdimg_SAVEDATA00                     /*This is the encrypted save file*/

Somehow there is another structure (how? where?):

[Save Data Root Dir]
├─ [User Id Directory]
│   └─ savedata/
│       └─ [Title Id Directory]
│           └─ [save data directory]
│              └─ sce_sys/
│                 └─ param.sfo                                          /*sfo containing savedata info will be also shown in the savedata.db*/
│                 └─ icon0.png                                          /*savedata icon file*/
│              └─ [save files here] e.g (bendsavegame.ps4.sav)          /*savedata file created by the developer e.g. is of days gone*/

Accessing Save Data[edit | edit source]

The PS4 has a few API's for accessing save data one of which is for the VSH.

Below is a small example code:

C++ Example

		//somehow Initialize user service,saveapi ect.
		int ret = 0;
		ret = SaveDataInitialize3(NULL);//Initialize save data 

		OrbisSaveDataMount mount;
		memset(&mount, 0x00, sizeof (mount));

		mount.userId = userId;
		mount.dirName = &dirName;
		mount.fingerprint = &fingerprint;
		mount.titleId = &titleId;
		mount.blocks = 32768;

		OrbisSaveDataMountResult mountResult;
		memset(&mountResult, 0x00, sizeof(mountResult));

		ret = SaveDataMount(&mount, &mountResult);

Passcode and Fingerprint[edit | edit source]

Passcodes are set when creating your pkg with PKG Creation tools.

To access a save from any other game/app that is not your own you will need to set the hashed passcode 'Fingerprint' as a parameter to mount the save

Number of Simultaneous Savedata Mounts[edit | edit source]

Up to 16 save data can be mounted at the same time.

(if you need more than that you will need to ask the user to select the ones he wants and do them one by one or do them in chuncks and save to usb)

Mount-enabled Period[edit | edit source]

If a save is mounted with the ORBIS_SAVE_DATA_MOUNT_MODE_RDWR flag it must be unmounted within 15 seconds. Or not but you can risk the save getting corrupted if a user logs out or terminates the application without unmounting saves first.

Data in Saves[edit | edit source]

There are some restrictions to what you can save in a savedir (someone can fill this in):

  • sce_sys will be automatically created by the system (THIS IS A RESERVED NAME).
  • You cannot save elf files or prx files in the save itself.

Save Data Limitations[edit | edit source]

  • Saves can only be up to 1GB in size per save slot.

Save Data Database[edit | edit source]

System logs all save data info in each users directory under save data.


Savedata database is in sqlite so any sqlite editor can read and write on it. It is not protected in PS4 OS from modification.