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  • format: XXXXYYYYY (lettercode for XXXX / numbers for YYYYY)

TITLE_ID (reserved, special or rare)[edit | edit source]

NPXS[edit | edit source]

System Reserved

Icon0 Pic0 Content Name Title ID Starts fine? Notes URI scheme Notes2/args
Near.png Yes Near NPXS10000 Yes  ·  3.18 "sceman:near" / "near:"
link=[File:Party.png Yes Party NPXS10001 Yes  ·  3.18 "pspy:"
PS Store.png Yes PlayStation®Store NPXS10002 Yes  ·  3.18 "psns:"
Browser.png Yes Internet browser NPXS10003 Yes  ·  3.18 "http:" / "https:" / "sceman:" / "search:" / "wbapp0:"
Photos.png Yes Photos NPXS10004 Yes  ·  3.18 "photo:" / "camera:"
Icon menu map.png Yes Maps NPXS10005 Yes  ·  3.18 Removed as of 3.50 "scemap:"
Friends.png Yes Friends NPXS10006 Yes already in app "pspr:"
Welcome Park.png Yes Welcome Park NPXS10007 Yes download link pd0 partition Unknown
Trophies.png Yes Trophy Collection NPXS10008 Yes "pstc:"
Music.png Yes Music NPXS10009 Yes "music:"
Videos.png Yes Video NPXS10010 Yes "video:"
Remote Play.png Yes PS3 Remote Play NPXS10012 Yes Unknown
Icon menu ps4link.png Yes PS4 Link NPXS10013 Yes Unknown
Group Messaging.png Yes Messages NPXS10014 Yes "psnmsg:" / "grpmsg:"
Settings.png Yes Settings NPXS10015 Yes Unknown
No No Settings NPXS10016 No error C2-12570-5 with Settings screen background "settings_dlg:"
No No Webcore NPXS10017 No doesnt react Unknown
Settings.png Yes Sign Up NPXS10018 Yes "psnreg:"
Yes bg0 Mobile Network Operator NPXS10021 Yes Only 3G version Unknown
No No PhotoExport NPXS10023 No "photoexport:"
No No NearAutoPositioning NPXS10024 No Unknown
No No NearAutoCheckin NPXS10025 No "near_auto_checkin:"
Content Manager.png Yes Content Manager NPXS10026 Yes Unknown
No Yes Game Manual NPXS10027 No starts but error Unknown
Yes bg0 PspEmu NPXS10028 No error C2-12570-5 with black background Unknown
No No MarlinMTP NPXS10029 No Unknown
No No Quick Sign Up NPXS10030 No Devkit & Testkit Unknown
Icon Package Installer.png bg0 ★Package Installer NPXS10031 Yes  ·  3.18 3.36: Not found, 3.50: This action is currently unavailable. If done from the browser, (OFW 3.50), it displays "Couldn't find the application" Unknown
No No NearUtilBG NPXS10032 No "nearutil:"
PS Store.png Yes ★PlayStation®Store Preview (Title Store) NPXS10033 Yes 3.60 DEX Devkit & Testkit Unknown
PS Store.png Yes ★PlayStation®Store Preview (Regional Store) NPXS10034 Yes 3.60 DEX Devkit & Testkit Unknown
No No PlayStation®Store (in Game) NPXS10035 No error C2-12570-5 "psts:"
No No AVMediaService NPXS10036 No doesnt start "avmedia_service:"
No No WebCore NPXS10037 No "webcore_mini:"
Yes Yes Mobile Network Operator NPXS10040 No "psmn:"
Yes Yes Mobile Network Operator NPXS10041 No "psmn:"
Yes Yes Mobile Network Operator NPXS10042 No "psmn:"
Yes Yes Mobile Network Operator NPXS10043 Yes see NPXS10021 "psmn:"
Yes Yes Mobile Network Operator NPXS10044 No "psmn:"
Yes Yes Mobile Network Operator NPXS10045 No "psmn:"
Yes No User's Guide NPXS10060 No "sceman:"
Unknown Unknown Initial Setup NPXS10062 No
No No MsgMW NPXS10063 No Unknown
No Yes GriefReportDialog NPXS10065 No error C2-125705 "psgr:"
No No ★Checker NPXS10068 No Devkit & Testkit Unknown
Icon menu mail.png Yes E-Mail NPXS10072 Yes "email:" / "mailto:"
No No Email BG NPXS10073 No Unknown
No No Crash Report NPXS10077 No Unknown
Remote livearea 02.png Yes Cross-Controller NPXS10078 Yes "scecomboplay:"
No No Daily Checker BG NPXS10079 No "dailychecker" Unknown
No No Dtcpip NPXS10080 No "dtcpip:"
No No PlayStation Mobile License Manual NPXS10081 No error C2-12570-5 "psm_manual:"
No No Package Installer Spawn NPXS10082 No Unknown
No No SceWebkit NPXS10083 No Unknown
No No SceWebKit NPXS10084 No "webkit_mini:"
No No Video NPXS10085 No Video player? "videostreaming:"
No No Internet browser NPXS10090 No error C2-12570-5 with Internet browser screen background "wbapp1:" / "webmodal:"
Icon menu calendar.png Yes Calendar NPXS10091 Yes "scecalendar:"
No No Calendar BG NPXS10092 No calendar? Unknown
Yes No Topics NPXS10093 No PSTV Only, eboot.bin missing as of 3.30 Unknown
Icon menu parental.png Yes Parental Controls NPXS10094 Yes Unknown
Icon Photo panorama camera.png Yes Panoramic Camera NPXS10095 Yes "scepanorama:"
Yes Yes PS4 Link NPXS10098 No Unknown
No No HostCollabo Service NPXS10100 No Unknown
No No BGCP Browser NPXS10101 No Unknown
Yes No Featured NPXS10102 No PSTV Only, Not installed straight away. Unknown
No No ★DUALSHOCK4(TM) Pairing NPXS10103 No Devkit Only. Unknown
Icon Mini Settings For QA.png Yes ★Mini Settings For QA NPXS10104 No download link Devkit Unknown
Yes bg0 WebSample NPXS10916 No Removed as of 3.50 Unknown
Unknown Unknown ScePsm NPXS10074 No Cant be found in 3.60 Unknown
No No ★APP_HOME NPXS10998 No Devkit Only. Unknown
Unknown Unknown SceShell NPXS19999 No Mentioned in ERROR HISTORY / possibly LiveArea "psgm:"

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