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AuthorityId, length 0x8, as seen at offset 0x70 in PS3 SELF header.

The name "Authority ID" was seen in lv1. Else it is simply called in many tools : authid.

1st number : console generation (1 = PS3, 2 = PSVita, 3 = PS4).

2nd and 3rd number : territory ID. For example, if auth id is 0x1FF000000C000001, the territory ID is 0xFF.


See Default.spp. This file embedds AuthId of many processes and their "global name".

Program Auth IDs (PAIDs)[edit]

ID Name Location Remarks
0x0003CD28CB47D3C1 spu_token_processor.self CoreOS only for 2E - 083.007
0x1010000001000001 vsh / games / utilities /dev_flash/, cell_root/target/images only for 2E - 080.006
0x1010000001000003 retail games and their updates
0x1020000401000001 ps2emu /dev_flash/ps2emu  CEX   DEX   DECR ?
0x1050000003000001 lv2_kernel.self CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000001000002 onicore_child.self /dev_flash/vsh/module same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000002000002 mcore.self /dev_flash/vsh/module same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000003000002 mgvideo.self /dev_flash/vsh/module same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000004000002 swagner / swreset /dev_flash/vsh/module DTCP-IP DRM modules
0x107000000E000001 vtrm_server.fself lv1
0x107000000F000001 update_manager_server.fself lv1
0x1070000010000001 sc_manager_server.fself lv1
0x1070000011000001 secure_rtc_server.fself lv1
0x1070000012000001 spm_server.fself lv1
0x1070000013000001 sb_manager_server.fself lv1
0x1070000014000001 framework.fself lv1
0x1070000015000001 lv2_loader.fself lv1
0x1070000016000001 profile_loader.fself lv1
0x1070000017000001 ss_init.fself lv1
0x1070000018000001 individual_info_mgr_server.fself lv1
0x1070000019000001 app_info_manager_server.fself lv1
0x107000001A000001 ss_sc_init_pu.fself JIG lv1 proc
0x107000001C000001 updater_frontend.fself lv1
0x107000001D000001 sysmgr_ss.fself lv1
0x107000001F000001 sb_iso_spu_module.self CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000020000001 sc_iso.self / sc_iso_factory.self CoreOS / [2.43 JIG PUP] same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000021000001 spp_verifier.self CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000022000001 spu_pkg_rvk_verifier.self CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000023000001 spu_token_processor.self CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000024000001 sv_iso_spu_module.self CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000025000001 aim_spu_module.self CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000026000001 ss_sc_init.self [2.43 JIG PUP]
0x1070000027000001 dispatcher.fself lv1
0x1070000028000001 factory_data_mngr_server.fself JIG lv1 proc
0x1070000029000001 fdm_spu_module.self [2.43 JIG PUP]
0x1070000032000001 ss_server1.fself lv1
0x1070000033000001 ss_server2.fself lv1
0x1070000034000001 ss_server3.fself lv1
0x1070000037000001 mc_iso_spu_module.self CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000039000001 bdp_bdmv.self /dev_flash/bdplayer
0x107000003A000001 bdj.self /dev_flash/bdplayer
0x1070000040000001 sys/external modules /dev_flash/sys/external same for  CEX   DEX   DECR  (incl. liblv2dbg_for_cex.sprx + liblv2dbg_for_dex.sprx)
0x1070000041000001 ps1emu /dev_flash/ps1emu  CEX   DEX   DECR ?
0x1070000043000001 me_iso_spu_module.self CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000044000001 (related to usb dongle)
0x1070000045000001 USB Dongle Authenticator ss_server1.fself same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1070000046000001 spu_mode_auth.self [2.43 JIG PUP]
0x1070000047000001 otheros.self otheros.self
0x1070000048000001 ftpd cell_root/target/images  DECR 
0x107000004C000001 spu_utoken_processor.self CoreOS (since FW 2.40)
0x107000004E000001 (syscall 878)
0x1070000052000001 sys/internal  CEX  + vsh/module modules  CEX  /dev_flash/sys/internal + /dev_flash/vsh/module Differs between  CEX  (this authid) and  DECR 
0x1070000054000001 (syscall 21)
0x1070000055000001 manu_info_spu_module.self CoreOS (since FW 3.50)
0x1070000058000001 me_iso_for_ps2emu.self CoreOS (since FW 3.70)
0x1070000059000001 sv_iso_for_ps2emu.self CoreOS (since FW 3.70)
0x1070000300000001 Lv2diag.self BD-remarry toolkit
0x10700003FC000001 emer_init.self CoreOS (since FW 2.00)
0x10700003FD000001 ps3swu PUP root same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x10700003FD000001 PS3ToolUpdater cell_root/target/images Only  DECR 
0x10700003FD000001 manufacturing_updater_for_reset.self BD-remarry toolkit
0x10700003FE000001 sys_agent.self  DECR  /dev_flash/sys/internal  DECR 
0x10700003FF000001 db_backup, mkfs, mkfs_085, mount_hdd, registry_backup, set_monitor
most sys/internal modules  DECR  + most vsh/module modules  DECR 
/dev_flash/sys/internal + /dev_flash/vsh/module + cell_root/target/images Differs between  DECR  (this authid) and  CEX 
0x1070000400000001 vsh / games / utilities /dev_flash/, cell_root/target/images only for 081.003 - 083.007
0x1070000409000001 psp_emulator.self /dev_flash/pspemu/psp_emulator.self  CEX   DEX   DECR ?
0x107000040A000001 psp_translator.self /dev_flash/pspemu/psp_translator.self  CEX   DEX   DECR ?
0x107000040B000001 emulator_api.sprx and other .sprx /dev_flash/pspemu/release/  CEX   DEX   DECR ?
0x107000040C000001 emulator_drm.sprx /dev_flash/pspemu/release/emulator_drm.sprx  CEX   DEX   DECR ?
0x107000040C000001 libchnnlsv.sprx /dev_flash/sys/internal/  CEX   DEX   DECR ?
0x107000040D000001 ?psp related? ?/dev_flash/pspemu/release/?  CEX   DEX   DECR ?
0x1070000500000001 cellftp cell_root/target/images/  DECR 
0x1070000501000001 hdd_copy.self CoreOS (since FW 3.10)
0x10700005FC000001 sys_audio /dev_flash/sys/internal  CEX 
0x10700005FD000001 sys_init_osd /dev_flash/sys/internal  CEX 
0x10700005FF000001 vsh.self /dev_flash/vsh/  CEX 
0x1070001002000001 PvrRecSvr.sprx BCJB95006\USRDIR\v320  CEX 
0x1070200056000001 cachemgr.self WebMAF apps/USRDIR
0x1070200057000001 EBOOT.BIN.self + .sprx files WebMAF apps/USRDIR/prx/ps3 Demen_prx.ppu.sprx + WebMAF sprx files
0x1FF0000001000001 lv0 CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1FF0000002000001 lv1.self CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1FF0000008000001 lv1ldr CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1FF0000009000001 lv2ldr CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1FF000000A000001 isoldr CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1FF000000B000001 rvkldr CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 
0x1FF000000C000001 appldr CoreOS same for  CEX   DEX   DECR 

LPAR Auth IDs (LAIDs)[edit]

ID Name Location Remarks
0x1070000001000001 LPAR 1 (= HV processes / SCE_CELLOS_PME) flash and vflash
0x1070000002000001 LPAR 2 (= GameOS / PS3_LPAR) flash and vflash
0x1020000003000001 LPAR 3 (= PS2_LPAR / PS2_GX_LPAR / PS2_SW_LPAR / PS2_NE_LPAR) (used in ps3vflashc region inside vflash in NOR consoles, and ps3db region)... dev_flash and dev_hdd0 regions
0x1080000004000001 LPAR 4 (= LINUX_LPAR) (used in ps3vflashf region inside vflash in NOR consoles)... otheros bootloader region

Authority IDs and Vendor IDs for SDK's 030 -> 060[edit]

See also: Vendor ID

030:		lv0, lv1: 		0000000000000000, 00000000
040:		lv0, lv1: 		0000000000000000, 00000000
		spm_server (lv1):	0000000100011000, 07000001
		lv2_kernel: 		0000000100014000, 07000001
		lv2_loader (lv1): 	0000000100014000, 07000001
		profile_loader (lv1):	0000000100015000, 07000001
050:		lv0, lv1: 		0000000000000000, 00000000
		spm_server (lv1):	0000000100011000, 07000001
		lv2_loader (lv1): 	0000000100014000, 07000001
		profile_loader (lv1):	0000000100015000, 07000001				
		lv2_kernel:		0123456789ABCDEF, 01000002
		sys_init_app:		0123456789ABCDEF, 01000002
		sys_init_ios:		0123456789ABCDEF, 01000002

060:		updater_frontend (lv1):	          0000000100000001, 07000001
		sc_iso:			          0000000100000002, 07000001
		spu_pkg_rvk_verifier:	          0000000100000005, 07000001
		update_manager_server (lv1):	  0000000100006000, 07000001
		sc_manager_server (lv1):	  0000000100009000, 07000001
		spm_server (lv1):		  0000000100011000, 07000001 
		lv2_loader (lv1): 		  0000000100014000, 07000001
		profile_loader (lv1):		  0000000100015000, 07000001
		individual_info_mgr_server (lv1): 0000000100017000, 07000001
		dispatcher (lv1):		  0000000100018000, 07000001
		*ldr, lv0, lv1:			  0123456789ABCDEF, 33000077
		lv2_kernel:		          0123456789ABCDEF, 01000002
		sys_init_app:		          0123456789ABCDEF, 01000002
		sys_init_ios:		          0123456789ABCDEF, 01000002