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The Chassis ID or Chassis Type is internally used to identify the so called Range of Target Hardware (the motherboard and its original planned surroundings) of a PS3.

The Chassis ID only consists of one letter. It must not be confused with the letter appearing in the SKU model name of fat PS3 consoles (e.g. CECHAxx).

The Chassis Type can also be found in the Platform ID and only on prototypes also on labels (e.g. F or N) and inside the cISD1 board_id. The SKU model names of prototypes allows to know the Chassis ID reliably (e.g. DEH-FH1500J-A for a CECHLxx prototype).

The PS3 system software actually uses the Product Sub Code to derive the Chassis ID.

Since the Chassis ID only gives the Range of Target Hardware it is needed to consider the Platform ID, which holds an additional numeric value, to identify the actual revision of the target hardware.

List[edit | edit source]

Chassis Type UM Chassis ID Product Sub Code Motherboard Platform ID Notes
- 0x01 0x01 TMU-520 Cyt3.2 "DEH"
- (0/A) 0x02 0x01 COK-001 Cok14
- (0/A') 0x02
B 0x03 0x03 COK-002(W) CokB10
B' 0x04
C 0x04 0x05 SEM-001 CokC12
D 0x05 0x06 DIA-001 CokD10
E 0x06 0x07 DIA-002 CokE10
F 0x07 0x08 VER-001 CokF10
- 0x08 0x09 DEB-001 Deb01 "DEH XB"
G 0x09 0x09 DYN-001 CokG11
H 0x0A 0x0A SUR-001 CokH11
J 0x0B 0x0B JTP-001 CokJ13
JSD-001 CokJ20
K 0x0C 0x0C KTE-001 CokK10