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Gitbrew has announced to stop with ps3 activities. Their wiki/forum/portal site will cease to exist. In order to make sure nothing will go lost, I ask you to help mirroring/backup. This page is intended to do so, in an orderly coordinated fashion. :)

Git[edit | edit source]

Git:  and
Suggested mirror :
Size: around 1.2GB
Community mirroring: DONE (listed on OtherOS++#Git)

WWW Durandal[edit | edit source]
Size: around 26GB
Status: PS3-Documents

WWW OpenCLit[edit | edit source]
Targetlist :
Size: around 25GB (20.4)
Status: OpenCLit

WWW Glevand[edit | edit source] (referenced from OtherOS++, FreeBSD, Linux and QA pages)
cfw/       : DONE (listed on OtherOS++#Firmwares)
doc/       : DONE (listed on OtherOS++#Documentation)
freebsd/   : DONE (listed on OtherOS++#FreeBSD_OtherOS.2B.2B)
linux/     : DONE (listed on OtherOS++#PS3_Kernels)
petitboot/ : DONE (listed on OtherOS++#Petitboot_Images)
pkgs/      : DONE (listed on OtherOS++#Packages)
scripts/   : DONE (listed on OtherOS++#Scripts)
Status: DONE
Complete Backup
Another Backup

Wiki[edit | edit source]

Howto: > PS3 > Export | outputs an XML
Combined RAR of gitbrew [PS3] and ps3dev wiki [hardware|software|linux|templates] : gitbrew-ps3dev-export-XML.rar (480.57 KB)
ps3dev wiki: images.rar (235.29 MB)
Status: DONE