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The Product Code is an identifier that determines the model of the console.

Known Product Sub Codes[edit | edit source]

The Product Sub Code is stored at 7th and 8th bytes of IDPS. It can be found in EID0 and EID5. See Flash, PS3 Models, and Motherboard Revisions.

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Minimum Firmware Version
PS3 Model Motherboard Platform ID Product Sub Code
(IDPS 8th byte)
Chassis ID/Type Minimum firmware supported by LV1 Notes
DECR-1000 TMU-520 Cyt3.2 0x01 0x01 0.85 "DEH compatible"
CECHAxx COK-001 Cok14 0x01 0x02 (A) 1.00
CECHBxx 0x02 0x02 (A')
CECHCxx COK-002 CokB10 0x03 0x03 (B)
CECHExx 0x04 0x03 (B')
CECHGxx SEM-001 CokC12 0x05 0x04 (C) 1.90
CECHHxx DIA-001 CokD10 0x06 0x05 (D) 1.97 1.95 on < 1.97
CECHJxx DIA-002 CokE10 0x07 0x06 (E) 2.16
CECHLxx VER-001 CokF10 0x08 0x07 (F) 2.45 2.40 on < 2.45
DECR-1400 DEB-001 Deb01 0x09 0x08 2.60 "DEH XB compatible"
CECH-20xxA/B DYN-001 CokG11 0x09 0x09 (G) 2.70
CECH-21xxA/B SUR-001 CokH11 0x0A 0x0A (H) 3.20
CECH-25xxA/B JTP-001 CokJ13 0x0B 0x0B (J) 3.40
JSD-001 CokJ20
CECH-30xxA/B KTE-001 CokK10 0x0C 0x0C (K) 3.65
CECH-40xxB/C v1 ? ? 0x0D 0x0D 4.15
CECH-40xxA v1 ? ? 0x0E 0x0E 4.20
CECH-40xxB/C v2 ? ? 0x0F 0x0F
Unknown N?X-001(NOR) ? CokN20 0x10 0x10 4.20
Unknown N?X-001(eMMC) ? CokN40
CECH-42xxB/C ? ? 0x11 0x11 4.40
CECH-42xxA ? ? 0x12 0x12
Unknown Unknown UnkXXX 0x8F 0x13 4.31 uses arcade hdd keys
UnkXXX 0x90 0x14
CECH-43xxB/C ? ? 0x13 0x15 4.50
CECH-43xxA ? ? 0x14 0x16
- - - anything else 0x00 current version